About Me

Introducing me is really not that difficult. My favourite room in a house is the kitchen. (And I cannot believe I am admitting to that.) Let me share with you the principal motivation behind this exercise. It’s simply all about love. I love to eat home cooked food and food made with love will always taste good and make everyone feel good. No matter the kind of food, everyone that eats food made with love will know it. And that is what I’m about.

Ose in Nigeria languages can mean friend or beauty depending on where the accent is stressed. That is why, when writing any of my food experiences in this blog, the uncanny bond that connects us all through food will be emphasized repeatedly. Because I’m African-Canadian, I’ve learned neat little tricks that help me to incorporate African food into continental food to create unique menu choices and I hope to share these with my readers. As well, I hope to show you that African food is easier to prepare than you think. But, most importantly to me and to you, it is nutritious and delicious and this is what connects us all. Good food! This is what inspires Ose’s Foods. We hope you will enjoy visiting our page often. Please feel free to send us your thoughts, questions and comments at osesfoods@gmail.com.